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Debt Relief – How It Works
Over the years one of the most common questions we get from people who come to our site is "How does it work?"
This video explains how the free debt relief savings estimate works, how debt relief programs work and if there is any cost.

Pay Off Debt

Many residents of Arizona and across America who want to pay off their debts are experiencing what may be the worst time--financially--in their lives as a result of unemployment, staggering medical costs, or personal hardships. For many of these consumers, credit cards have become a sort of lifeline, used to purchase basic essentials like food or utilities. If you are experiencing your own debt crisis, there's good news. Today, there are a variety of debt relief options that can help you pay off your debt--such as debt consolidation and debt settlement.

Debt consolidation, or a debt management plan (DMP), typically involves combining, or "consolidating," all your debts into a single, more structured, and more affordable payment plan. While debt consolidation can be a good solution for many consumers, there are other debt relief options available, including debt settlement, which can significantly reduce the amount of money you owe to creditors. Both debt relief options have become, for many consumers, widely used alternatives to bankruptcy. While bankruptcy can certainly give you a fresh, new lease on life, it often has a more damaging and longer lasting consequence on your credit.

To explore your debt relief options, request a free debt relief analysis and savings estimate today. It only takes minutes!

Benefits of Consolidating Debts

Facilitated by credit counselors, debt consolidation typically begins with a personalized consultation where they review your finances and outstanding obligations. After credit counselors determine how much money you can reasonably allocate to paying off your credit card debts, they typically create a game plan and speak to your creditors asking for more lenient payment terms--such as reduced interest rates or a waiver of late fees or other penalties. Creditors that accept the proposals are then placed into the debt management plan, or DMP.

The goal is, with a more lenient and easier-to-manage payment plan, you can pay off or reduce your debts sooner than if you only continued to make the minimum payments at higher interest rates. For many consumers, having a simplified and more predictable payment plan is certainly preferable than having multiple, high-interest debts to manage and deal with every month.

"Do I Qualify for Debt Settlement?"

As a form of debt relief, debt settlement is a fundamentally different approach than debt consolidation through credit counseling. Unlike credit counseling where you pay off the entire amount of your debt (at lower interest rates) with debt settlement, you can try to negotiate, or "settle," with creditors for substantially less than what you owe. However, your credit score will typically decline because debt settlement involves "falling behind" on your credit card payments so that you can save funds to use to make a settlement or "lump sum" offer. When you skip payments, you are, essentially, defaulting on the terms of your credit card agreements and may face legal action from your creditors. However, in spite of the risks to your credit, debt settlement is still a popular alternative to bankruptcy--which has a more devastating and longer lasting impact on your credit.

"Which Debt Relief Option is For You?"

If you are overwhelmed with credit card and unsecured debts, you have several debt relief options available. Keep in mind that because every individual's debt situation is unique, it is a smart move to compare and contrast all your debt relief choices, and do your due diligence first. It may also be a good time to review your spending habits and lifestyle choices, and determine whether there are areas in your life where you can make small changes that may add up to big savings later.

In addition, Arizona offers a variety of state-coordinated services that can provide low-income people with basic necessities. On its website, check out the Citizens Services page, which lists services designed for people who need a helping hand, including assistance with food, employment, housing, or guidance on how to prevent foreclosure.

The bottom line is, there is help available for you if you want to take the next step in paying off your debts. With the right debt relief program, you can begin to breathe a little easier knowing that help is on the way and that you are on the right path to financial freedom. To see what debt relief can do for you or how much you can save, take a minute to answer a few, simple questions and request a free debt relief analysis along with a savings quote.

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Creditors calling?

When you're falling behind with credit card debts and creditors are calling – it feels great to know that there's a debt program to lower your payments and get you out of debt much faster than you ever imagined.
Who we're helping right now...
$30,000 debt relief savings estimate
– Saint Petersburg, FL

Unexpected bills

Credit card debts and unexpected medical bills can put you in a real bind. Fortunately, debt relief plans can reduce interest rates, lower monthly payments, and help you get out of debt faster.
Who we're helping right now...
$30,000 debt relief savings estimate
– Saint Petersburg, FL

A brighter future

When you work hard to provide a bright future for your children, you don't want high interest credit card debts to get in the way. You need a proven path to become debt free as quickly as possible.
Who we're helping right now...
$10,000 debt relief savings estimate
– Memphis, TN

Debts piling up

When you own your own business, it's easy for credit card debts to become a problem – bills piling up, creditors calling, and you need a way out. The good news is, debt relief can help you save money each month and take control of credit card debts.
Who we're helping right now...
$90,000 debt relief savings estimate
– Ukiah, CA

Supporting a family

Credit card debts can add up quickly, especially when families run into unexpected expenses like medical bills, or loss of a job. The good news is there are credit card debt hardship programs that can help you.
Who we're helping right now...
$35,000 debt relief savings estimate
– Miami, FL

Financial hardships

When you go through tough times and credit card debt start closing in on you – it feels good to know there are debt hardship assistance programs to help you get back on track.
Who we're helping right now...
$20,000 debt relief savings estimate
– River Rouge, MI

Retire debt free

When you're planning for retirement, paying monthly credit card minimums will get in the way of your dreams. The good news is, credit card companies may be willing to reduce your interest rates, waive late fees or even resolve debts for much less than you owe.
Who we're helping right now...
$50,000 debt relief savings estimate
– Oakfield, NY